Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown- An Honest Review of the Jan 2024 Release

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Released in January 2024, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown marked the series’ return after a seven-year hiatus. Does this new entry recapture the magic of its predecessors and forge its own path, or is it lost in the sands of time? Let’s delve into the world of Mount Koff and discover its strengths and weaknesses.

Detailed Storyline of Prince of Persia

The Lost Crown throws you into the shoes of Sargon, an Immortal tasked with rescuing the kidnapped Prince of Persia. The narrative unfolds in a mysterious land caught between time and dimensions, offering glimpses of familiar Persian mythology intertwined with a fresh story. While the plot itself is interesting, but the character development is a little lacking and it lacks a memorable impact.

Here’s a breakdown of the key plot points in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown:

Setting the Stage:

  • The Persian Empire faces drought, famine, and invasion from the Kushan Empire.
  • The Immortals, an elite warrior clan, act as protectors, with Sargon being a newly inducted member.
  • You witness Sargon’s bravery in repelling a Kushan attack, earning praise from the Queen and Prince Ghassan.

The Betrayal and Quest:

  • During the victory celebration, Prince Ghassan gets kidnapped by Sargon’s mentor, General Anahita.
  • Torn between loyalty and suspicion, Sargon embarks on a quest to rescue the prince.

Mount Qaf and the Immortals:

  • The journey leads to the mysterious and cursed land of Mount Qaf, said to exist outside time.
  • Sargon learns the Immortals are not entirely selfless, serving a hidden agenda under their leader, Vahram.
  • He encounters other Immortals with conflicting loyalties, uncovering secrets about their powers and the true purpose of Mount Qaf.

The Corruption and Time Manipulation:

  • Mount Qaf is revealed to be corrupted by a powerful entity, manipulating time and feeding on negative emotions.
  • Sargon gains time manipulation abilities through ancient artifacts, using them to navigate traps, solve puzzles, and even undo his own mistakes.
  • He confronts corrupted versions of himself and other Immortals, struggling with the burden of choice and consequence.

The Climax and Revelation:

  • Sargon finally reaches Vahram, discovering his plan to use Mount Qaf’s power to control Persia and rewrite history.
  • A climactic battle ensues, testing Sargon’s skills and resolve.
  • Through a time-bending sacrifice, Sargon exposes Vahram’s manipulations and frees the Immortals from his control.

Choice and the Ending:

  • The game offers different endings based on your choices throughout the story.
  • Regardless of the ending, Sargon’s actions have lasting consequences for himself, the Immortals, and the Persian Empire.


The core gameplay sticks to the series’ roots – acrobatic platforming and fluid combat. Sargon’s agility shines through as he traverses perilous environments, utilizing air dashes, wall runs, and acrobatic feats. Combat feels satisfying, with swordplay offering a mix of light and heavy attacks, parries, and special abilities fueled by the “Athra’s Glow” mechanic. However, enemy variety could be better, and some boss encounters might feel repetitive.

Time Manipulation

A unique twist comes with the time manipulation abilities. Rewinding time to avoid traps, slowing down enemies, and even creating time clones add a strategic layer to both combat and platforming. This mechanic is well-integrated and opens up creative solutions, adding a fresh layer to the familiar formula.


Visually, The Lost Crown is stunning. The environments are richly detailed, showcasing the fantastical beauty of Mount Koff. Character models are well-animated, and the art style blends Persian influences with a modern aesthetic. The soundtrack is evocative and complements the atmosphere perfectly.


Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a solid return to form for the series. It offers satisfying platforming, engaging combat, and a unique time manipulation mechanic that adds strategic depth. The story holds potential but could benefit from stronger character development. While not a revolutionary entry, it’s a visually stunning and enjoyable experience for fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. If you’re looking for a stylish action-adventure with a twist on time, The Lost Crown is worth exploring.

Summary of the Key Points


  • Fluid and acrobatic platforming
  • Satisfying combat with time manipulation mechanics
  • Beautiful visuals and evocative soundtrack
  • Accessible for newcomers and fans alike


  • Story could be deeper with stronger character development
  • Enemy variety could be improved
  • Some boss encounters might feel repetitive


A charming return to form with a unique time-bending twist, but not without its flaws.

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