8 Minecraft Best Uses For Gold

Gold is one of the most precious and versatile resources in Minecraft. Not only does it look nice for decorating builds, gold has a wide variety of Minecraft Best Uses For Gold. In this blog post, we’ll be going over some of the best and most effective ways to utilize your gold supply in Minecraft Best Uses For Gold.

Crafting Golden Tools, Armor and Weapons

Minecraft Best Uses For Gold

One of the most basic uses for gold is crafting various equipable items like tools, armor and weapons. Here’s an overview of what you can craft with gold ingots:

Golden Tools – Golden tools like pickaxes, axes and shovels have low durability compared to iron or diamond. However, they mine blocks faster than any other tool in the game. The higher mining speed makes them ideal for quickly gathering large amounts of basic blocks like dirt, wood or stone. Bring some extra gold to repair your tools often though!

Golden Armor – A full set of golden armor provides as much armor protection as an iron chestplate alone. So gold armor isn’t very effective for defense in battle. However, golden armor does have higher enchantability than any other material. You can get higher level enchantments much easier on golden gear.

Golden Carrots – One golden nugget surrounded by carrots yields golden carrots. These golden veggies can be eaten to restore a good amount of hunger and saturation. Golden carrots are also an ingredient for potions of night vision.

Golden Apples – A golden apple crafted with an apple and ingot provides Absorption and Regeneration effects when eaten. This makes them very useful in battles for quick healing and defense boosts. Golden apples don’t restore much hunger though.

So in summary, golden tools and armor are good for specialized purposes like mining efficiency and advanced enchantments respectively. And golden carrots and apples offer helpful effects.

Trading With Piglins

Minecraft Best Uses For Gold

Piglins are mob creatures native to the Nether dimension added in Minecraft Best Uses For Gold 1.16. They love gold and will be willing to trade various useful items with players that offer them gold ingots.

Some of the best items you can get from trading gold to Piglins include:

  • Fire Resistance Potions
  • Iron Nuggets & Ingots
  • End Portal Frame blocks
  • Gravel
  • Splash & Linger Potions
  • Obsidian
  • Crying Obsidian
  • Soul Speed Enchanted Books

Having at least 16-32 gold ingots on hand when exploring the Nether is very worthwhile for bartering with Piglins. This gives you extensive trading options that can save a ton of time gathering certain resources manually!

Crafting & Powering Rail Systems

Gold is an important component for building functional rail systems for transporting minecarts around your world.

There are a few key uses for gold when it comes to rails:

Craft Powered Rails – Gold ingots combined with sticks craft powered rails. These rails need to be placed strategically throughout rail systems and get powered with redstone to propel minecarts. You cannot transport minecarts very effectively without powered rails.

Craft Detector Rails – Two gold ingots and 3 stone make a detector rail, which outputs a redstone signal when a minecart rolls over it. This allows for triggering nearby redstone devices.

Craft Activator Rails – Similar to detector rails, these will trigger actions on the minecarts themselves like emptying chests. Helpful for rail sorting systems.

Use Gold Ingots as Fuel – In Furnaces, 1 gold ingot smelt 20 items. So they can be used when you need a more efficient fuel source.

Plus you need at least 5 gold ingots to craft a Minecart with Chest for transporting items by rail. Consider investing excess gold into improving railways for easier long-distance transportation in Minecraft Best Uses For Gold worlds.

Crafting & Using Clocks

Clocks are useful items for a variety of automated redstone builds and farms in Minecraft Best Uses For Gold. And crafting clocks requires gold ingots.

Here’s the crafting recipe and ways clocks are helpful:

Crafting Recipe: 4 gold ingots + 1 redstone dust = 1 clock

Usage Ideas:

  • Place clock blocks near farms to keep crops growing overnight on multiplayer servers
  • Create timers by running clock signals into various redstone circuitry
  • Build clocks into hidden door sequences for entering bases
  • Integrate clock pulses into randomly triggered events around builds
  • Visually tell the game time when placed for reference

So if you like wiring up redstone devices, save some gold supplies for crafting versatile clock items!

Craft & Use Light-Weight blocks

Minecraft Best Uses For Gold

Pure gold blocks have some useful properties in Minecraft Best Uses For Gold builds:

Very high blast resistance – Gold blocks withstand explosions really well. Only obsidian, enchanting tables and end portal frames withstand more blast force.

High transparency – You can see through gold blocks better than most other full blocks, making them decent aesthetic choices in structures with visibility needs.

Instant breakage – Like leaves and torches, gold blocks break instantly without durability loss on the breaking tool. Pistons can push many instantly breakable blocks.

With these attributes in mind, some good ways to use gold blocks include:

  • Mix with TNT explosions to directionally protect certain blocks
  • Span gaps visually while maintaining outer visibility
  • Quickly break to trigger redstone pulses
  • Blast protect the frames of portal gold farms

So whenever you smelt excess gold, reconsider dumping a full stack of blocks! Use gold blocks tactically instead.

Barter With Piglin Brutes

In the Bastion Remnant structures added in the 1.16 Nether Update, you might encounter Piglin Brutes. They are tougher variants of Piglins which cannot be distracted by wearing any gold armor.

However, Piglin Brutes will stop being hostile for awhile if you throw a gold ingot nearby for them. This gives you a moment to run away or regroup when being chased by Piglin Brutes without fighting.

It’s smart to keep some spare gold ingots handy as you explore Bastion Remnants just for this purpose! Piglin Brutes drop unique items when killed too. But they are dangerous to battle, so the gold bartering tactic helps tremendously.

Craft & Apply Gilded Blackstone

Gilded Blackstone is a new decorative block introduced in Minecraft 1.16. By smelting a gold ingot and blackstone in any furnace or blast furnace, you get Gilded Blackstone.

Here are some building ideas to use this fancy new gold-infused block:

  • Line pathways through the Nether with complementing streaks of Gilded Blackstone
  • Use as accent blocks on dark walls and floors to add shimmer
  • Build mini gold monuments or statues from Gilded Blackstone
  • Craft into Gilded Blackstone slabs & stair variants for more design options
  • Border Nether portals with decorative trim made from Gilded Blackstone

Having surplus gold supplies makes obtaining Gilded Blackstone much easier for construction projects and Nether hub infrastructure building.

How to Get More Gold Ingots

Minecraft Best Uses For Goldf

Now that you know all kinds of great ways to use gold ingots in Minecraft, let’s cover some quick tips for stocking up on more gold supply!

Loot chests – Keep an eye out when exploring various structures for golden apples, gold blocks or ingots as loot items. Desert temples and shipwrecks notably have gold items at times.

Harvest Overworld ore – The best Y levels to mine gold ore are below layer 32, but you can still find some closer to the surface. Bring an Iron or Diamond pickaxe to harvest gold ore fastest!

Barter with Piglins – Don’t forget trading items like ingots and nuggets can be bartered from Piglins by giving them various item types.

Construct an Overworld gold farm – By locating a Zombie Piglin portal gold farm above bedrock in the overworld manually or automatically loading it yields endless gold nugget supplies over time.

Build a Nether gold farm – Quicker gold farms are possible by moving Piglins from the Nether into your killing systems. Perimeter based Nether portals yield the most gold.

With these gold acquiring tips in mind along with all the spending ideas earlier, you’ll get great use out of gold supplies in your Minecraft worlds!

So in summary, gold is highly versatile for crafting specialty gear with advantageous properties, beneficial trading, engineering rail transport, powering redstone builds, protection from explosions, and unlocking aesthetic block variants. Use gold proactively!

Conclusion of Minecraft Best Uses For Gold

Gold is one of the most versatile and valuable resources in Minecraft. Whether you are crafting powerful golden apples and carrots or building powered rail systems, there are many innovative ways to use your gold supplies. The 1.16 Nether Update expanded gold usage tremendously as well for bartering and crafting Gilded Blackstone. And you can acquire endless gold through Overworld zombie piglin farming or quicker Nether-based gold farms. So don’t overlook gold in your Minecraft journeys – use this guide to maximize your next gold haul! Utilizing those brilliant golden ingots effectively can save time while enabling you to show off wealth through specialized gear and builds.

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