When Will Free Fire Launch in India?

free fire

Free Fire, the popular battle royale game by Garena, has seen tremendous success globally with over 1 billion downloads. However, the game is currently banned in India along with many other apps of Chinese origin. This leaves many gaming enthusiasts in the country wondering – will Free Fire ever launch in India?

In this post, we’ll explore the background of the ban in India and analyze the likelihood of the game making a comeback.

Why Was Free Fire Banned in India?

In February 2022, the Indian government ordered Google and Apple to take down Free Fire from their app stores. This came alongside bans on several other apps including PUBG Mobile and TikTok which were stated to be engaging in activities prejudicial to the country’s integrity and defense.

The core reason provided for the ban was concerns around data security regarding storage of user data by companies of Chinese origin. The government statements cited the need to protect user data and ensure the country’s cybersecurity.

While Garena is not a Chinese company, the game was distributed in partnership with Tencent which does have Chinese affiliations. Hence, the game got caught up in the broader ban imposed across several apps.

Will Free Fire Ever Return to India?

Ever since the ban, Garena has been vocal about its wish to relaunch Free Fire in the lucrative Indian market. However, there are several challenges:

  • The Indian government has not provided clear guidelines for banned apps to comply with local data and privacy laws. PUBG did manage to return as Battlegrounds Mobile India by partnering with Microsoft Azure for data storage. But no other banned app including Free Fire has managed to relaunch.
  • Diplomatic tensions around data privacy concerns with China remain unresolved. Unless broader political issues are addressed, the prospects of individual apps getting clearance seem unlikely.
  • There has been no official communication from Indian authorities to Garena on a potential rollback of the ban. Unless official channels open up, Free Fire remains in limbo.
  • That said, if Garena manages to gain approvals by committing to data localization – storing all Indian user data within the country, there’s still hope. The gameplay remains immensely popular and a comeback would give 500+ million gamers the action they sorely miss. For now, though the wait continues with no definitive end in sight to the Free Fire ban in India.


The Free Fire ban has left a notable void in the Indian gaming ecosystem. Both players and creators yearn for its distinctive fast-paced battle royale experience. However the road back to the Indian market remains filled with uncertainties. Unless diplomatic conflicts related to data privacy with China get suitably addressed, the prospects seem unfavorable. But if regulatory issues get ironed out, Garena does seem intent on bringing back the game with servers localized in India. For now it’s all eyes on any positive development…fingers crossed for battle royale fans!

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