Mojo: The New AI Magic Programming Language

Things are about to shake up in the Tech Industry even more, welcome the new AI programming language, Mojo .

Python ranks high as one of the most popular programming languages due to its ability to create complex applications using simple and readable syntax. However its biggest challenge is speed. Speed is an important element of programming.

The other programming languages such as C or C++, have incredible speed, and higher performance in comparison to Python. Although Python is the most widely used programming language for AI, if speed is what you’re looking for, the majority of people stick with C, Rust, or C++. So, you can have more speed with complex programming or less speed with simpler syntax. But that may all change, with the new programming language Mojo Lang.

What is Mojo Lang?

The creator of Mojo Lang, Chris Latner has taken the usability of Python and merged it with the performance of the C programming language. This has unlocked a new level of programming for all AI developers. Mojo Lang is a superset of Python, which means that it does not require you to learn a new programming language.

Mojo Lang is a language that has been designed to program on AI hardware, such as GPUs running CUDA. It can achieve this by using Multi-Level Intermediate Representation (MLIR) to scale hardware types.

Differences between Mojo Lang and Python

The most significant difference between the two is speed. But there are a few more: 

Adding Types

Mojo Lang has a built-in struct keyword similar to a Python class. The difference is that struct is static, whereas class is dynamic. 

It can also include SIMD, (Single Instruction Multiple Data) which is a built-in type that represents a vector where a single instruction can be executed across multiple elements, all in parallel on the underlying hardware. 

Parallel Computing

Mojo Lang has a built-in parallel function, which can make your code multi-threaded. Parallel processing is not available in Python and can be very complex to do. 

Tiling Optimisation

Mojo has a built-in tiling optimization tool, which allows you to cache and reuse your data more effectively.

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